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Article 1 Name, form of activity and registered office of the organization.

1.1. The POLISH GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGIC GROUP (PGOG) is a research group, operating within the structures and under the patronage of the Polish Gynecologic Oncology Society.

1.2. It is a group gathering centres of gynecologic oncology and clinical oncology interested in carrying out researches both commercial and non-commercial in the field of gynecologic oncology.

1.3. The office of the PGOG is run by Medical Art Group Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Promyka 13.

Article 2 Purposes

2.1. The main purpose of the Group is to combine the efforts of the clinical units in Poland aimed at developing scientific research, prevention, treatment and diagnosis in the field of onco-gynecologic diseases.

2.2. All researches initiated by the PGOG or the researches, to which the Group joints, aim at improving the possibilities to treat patients while maintaining their rights and first of all ensuring their welfare.

2.2. The PGOG actively participates in the international scientific activities carried out by similar foreign organizations thus providing its members with information and contact with the international platform.

2.3. The PGOG provides active support and administrative organization for its members, negotiate and carry out clinical research (clinical research and clinical research of medicines), and tries to organize its own projects in the field of clinical assessment (i.e. those where the Group is a sponsor and finances them from its own resources).

2.4 The PGOG creates joint projects, initiates and supports contacts between experts involved in researches, which contributes to improving the quality of gynecologic care.

2.5. The PGOG organizes its own projects and educational meetings, and supports the participation of its members in local projects and meetings organized by the foreign educational organizations.

2.6. The PGOG supports the research activities of all its members.

2.7. The PGOG monitors the recent legislative changes in relation to the area of clinical researches and provides its members with current information.

Article 3 The rules of operation

3.1. The activities carried out by the Group lead to the realization of its purposes, as defined in Article 2.

3.2. In addition to the main activities, the Group may also carry out secondary business activities, the aim of which is to support the implementation of the main purposes. Any profits generated from the secondary activities will be used to finance the activities of the PGOG and administrative costs.

3.2. Cooperation between the PGOG member centres facilitates access to the latest therapeutic and diagnostic methods, as well as modern therapies, and thus contributes to the dissemination of their availability to patients.

3.3. The main activities of the Group are financed primarily, but not exclusively, from the following sources:
– research grants
– sponsors
– funds from commercial researches
– profits from the secondary business

Article 4 Rights and obligations of the PGOG members

4.1. The PGOG includes professional medical centres, hereinafter referred to as the “centres” providing healthcare in the field of gynecologic oncology and/or clinical oncology.

4.2. Each of the centres indicates its representative hereinafter
referred to as the “centre coordinator”, who is its employee or remains in other legal relationship with the centre. Each centre, which is represented by the coordinator, has one vote and all votes are equal.

4.3. A prerequisite for the PGOG accession is:
a) filling the PGOG questionnaire and submitting to the PGOS secretary
b) submitting the PGOG membership declaration
c) acceptance of the PGOG rules
d) acceptance by ½ + 1 members of the Management Board of the PGOG.

4.4. The Management Board of the PGOG decides on the acceptance of a new centre at the following meeting after the application has been submitted, and inform the representative of the centre about its decision.

4.5. The rights of the PGOG member centre:
a) actively participate in all activities undertaken by the PGOG
b) participate in decisions concerning the activities of the PGOG
c) submitting own proposals for the activities of the PGOG
d) the right to refuse to participate in a clinical research suggested by the PGOG.

4.6. The obligations of the PGOG members:
a) compliance with the rules
b) active participation in the activities of the PGOG
c) protection of the reputation of the Group
d) regular seeking for information about the activities within the Group
e) provision of information to the coordinators of the PGOG about any changes to the data entered in the application questionnaire of the centre
f) inform the coordinators of the PGOG about changes in the centre that may translate into the quality of work of the PGOG.

4.7. The centre is removed from the list of the PGOG member centres in case of:
a) submitted written notice of termination of membership by the centre coordinator
b) loss of the ability of the centre to carry out clinical researches in accordance with the standards of the PGOG
c) non-compliance with the PGOG rules
d) no recruitment for clinical research with the participation of the PGOG within a period of two (2) consecutive years.

4.8. The centre, which wants to withdraw from the PGOG, sends a written notification with its decision at the address of the Polish Gynecologic Oncology Society. The centre may also resign from a membership by sending an e-mail from the e-mail claimed to be the official contract address of the centre, to the e-mail address of the PGOS secretariat: sekretariat@ptgo.pl .

4.9 The Management Board of the PGOG is authorized to decide on the removal of the centre, which has seriously violated the obligations of membership, based on its own initiative or upon a request submitted through another member centre. A serious violation of the obligations means especially an activity in direct conflict with the purposes and objectives of the PGOG, which may threaten the activities of the PGOG.

4.10 To remove the centre from the list of members of the PGOG, it is necessary to obtain the majority of votes of the members of the Management Board. Before making a decision, the Management Board has the right but not the obligation to admonish the centre. The Management Board decides to remove the centre and informs the coordinator in writing, by e-mail specified in the questionnaire of the centre.

Article 5 The PGOG units

5.1. The Management Board of the PGOG is the unit managing the Group. The Management Board consists of:
a) the coordinators of all member centres
b) the PGOG office manager (authorising by the secretariat of the PGOS without voting rights).

5.2 The Management Board:
a) draws up and approves the internal guidelines on individual activities of the PGOG
b) decides to accept or remove the centre from the list of the PGOG
c) elects and dismisses the Coordinator of the PGOG and 2 deputies
d) presents and approves the action plans for the following years
e) approves the budget and financial statements
f) approves changes to the Rules
g) draws up the reports on the activities of the PGOG and submits them to the Management Board of the PGOS

5.3 The Management Board of the PGOG, by simple majority of votes, elects the Coordinator of the PGOG and 2 deputies of the Coordinator. The term of office is two years. The same coordinator may be selected for a maximum of two terms.

5.4 The Coordinator of the PGOG is responsible for running and managing the activities of the PGOG, monitoring of compliance with the rules and managing the development of the PGOG. The Coordinator of the PGOG:
a) represents the PGOG in all matters and activities on behalf of the PGOG in contacts with other entities
b) convene meetings of the PGOG centres coordinators
c) manages the administration of the PGOG

5.5 The Coordinator convenes the meeting of the Management Board by itself or at the request of at least ½ of the members. It is held at least once per a calendar year. The Coordinator of the PGOG convenes the Management Board in the form of an e-mail invitation to the address specified by the centres coordinators minimum 20 days before the date of the meeting or by mail to the address specified in the questionnaire. The invitation includes location, time and agenda of the meeting. The decisions made during the meeting are valid only if most of the coordinators is present. If most coordinates do not participate in the meeting, the Coordinator of the PGOG will convene a replacement meeting within one month from the date of original and the decisions made at the time are valid regardless of the number of the present coordinators. Each centre, which is represented by the coordinator, has one vote and all votes are equal.

Article 6 Secretariat of the PGOG

6.1. The secretariat of the PGOG is a supporting unit, the task of which is to provide organizational, administrative and technical support for the centres within the Group.

6.2. The secretariat is responsible in particular for:
a) keeping the list of the PGOG affiliated centres (entries to and removals from the list are made based on the information provided by the Management Board, the lists are not public and are only used for internal purposes and objectives of the Group)
b) drawing up the data for the members of the PGOG
c) organization of meetings of the centres coordinators

Article 7 Finances

7.1. One of the deputies of the Coordinator of the PGOG is responsible for finances. It is responsible for the tasks related to financial management and is responsible in particular for
– drawing up and monitoring the budget for the following year
– drawing up and ensuring the accounting and tax registration
– drawing up the annual financial statements and submitting it for approval to the Management Board of the PGOG

The Rules comes into force after approval by the management board of the POLISH GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGIC GROUP (PGOG).

Warsaw, 18 May 2016